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Friday, July 23rd, 2004
3:46 am
Roth looked less than thrilled. He was competant but his patience level was very short. He looked at me for direction, his expression somewhat lost. No help there. I forced myself not to sigh at the children they'd given me, "I'll go down to sickbay. You keep the fleet from firing, those ships are unarmed." I looked at Ops who nodded to confirm the assessment and then headed to the lift. I was really hoping they didn't destroy my new ship while I was off the bridge.

Getting down to medical, I was confronted with a very flustered Dr Merinn who looked so relieved when I came in... Her medical staff looked even more so. Well, not everyone's been subjected to crash course in dealing with aliens, I suppose.

The aliens were deep in conversation, their telepathy masked enough that I was sure Belari wouldn't have picked it up, Where are their manners, they do not greet us properly.

They appear to be retarded mentally, they cannot speak.

I couldn't help but smile, Good evening. I'm afraid my crew uses a different manner of communication. Welcome aboard my ship.

I let myself actually look at them as they turned to face me. No aural devices or vocal chords but they were fairly humanoid. Their heads were elongated, however, and if they were standing, they would have been a good two feet taller than the average human, three feet taller than me. I sighed.

You are in charge of this vessel?

Yes. I am Captain Marena Stadi. I apologize for what happened earlier, it was a terrible misunderstanding and the starbase that we are near is very jumpy. These beings communicate through... I attempted to convey the sensation of sound and speech. It's a lot harder than you'd think. Finally, I settled on explaining that it was a physical rather than a mental action.

You allow the retarded aboard spacefaring vessels?

They are not retarded. Their entire species communicates this way. I am of a different species that uses both. They seemed to be getting it so I turned to Merinn, "I'll see if I can't get them out of your way. Sorry about this, Doctor." She just nodded, still considering them with a critical eye. If I had to guess, I would say she was examining their features to chronicle differences.

So the blue species is all horribly incapacitated. And the others?

I sighed, It is different but it works just as well. They have created devices to carry their voices across great distances. There are, however, others of my crew of my own species and one other who speak as we are now. I considered them, trying to work out why they were standing in my sickbay, Might I offer you some refreshment? We should leave this area. It is used for the sick and injured. They seemed startled by that.

Apologies. We had thought this was your center of command. It is where we place such things on our ship.

I nodded, projecting a schematic of the Skylark, We place ours at the front. They seemed baffled by it but soaked up the knowledge readily enough. I tried to keep my impatience to get on with our assigned mission down as I led them out of the Medical Bay and down to the conference room. Hitting my com, I tried to decide what to tell my green crew, "Captain to Commander Roth."

"I'm here, Captain."

"I'm taking our guests to the conference room. Please contact all telepathic crew members and send them to me immediately. Then call the base, ask for all telepathic crew, even those with only minor abilities. See if they will spare them to be briefed by me in how to deal with this species."

"Yes, Captain."

"In the meantime, I'll see if I can't work out why they're here, what they're looking for... and what they consume." I switched off the com and turned back to my guests.

Are you eating the air, Captain? It was a different one who spoke this time. I couldn't place which was which but this one had a definitely female tone to it while the other had seemed male to me.

No, I was communicating with my crew in that physical manner I mentioned. So please, tell me what it is you eat and drink so that we may provide it... It was going to be a long night.
Friday, May 21st, 2004
11:48 am
They stared at me and I stared back. They hadn't answered my questions to them. Quite frankly, I wasn't surprised. No ears. They were deaf. No vocal chords. They were mute. Great.

These three beings had beamed onto the ship while my team and I were preparing sickbay under yellow-status procedures. With no warning whatsoever they just appeared. I knew our Captain hadn't transported them here, because the beam they came in was definitely not Starfleet technology. Besides, I pressumed Stadi would have been kind enough to warn me about possible patients.

The triad did not have any injuries, good. I signalled the Bridge.

"Yes, Doctor, what is it?" Commander Roth replied.

"I've got three... uh, well I don't know what they are, sir. The just beamed over here from... somewhere."

Obviously Roth wasn't thrilled with my vague report. "What do you mean they beamed from somewhere, Doctor?"

"I have no explanation, Commander. I was running a diagnostic on one of my neural scanners and when I turned around, these three beings were sitting on a bio-bed. I don't mean to be vague, but that's all the information I have."

There was a long pause.

"Alright Doctor, just keep them there for now until we figure out what's going on. Bridge out."

Hmm. That was helpful.

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Sunday, May 16th, 2004
12:58 am
I slumped slightly in my chair. Right, no help there. So far, no one on the crew knew what to expect. Except that they'd named some pretty crazy manuevers after her and that she had told us outright that she breaks regulations when it makes sense. That could be good, or it could be really bad. And now this, an extra diplomatic mission.

I briefly considered hunting down her husband and ask him what to expect. He seemed like an easy to approach guy. But I didn't really want to explain to her why I was asking. I just... get nervous. And jumpy. And a whole lot of other things. Love the testosterone. You'd think they'd have an antidote for such a neuro-toxin.

I got the captain some more coffee as she seemed to have run out and not noticed. I just asked it for her setting and put it down next to her before returning to my seat. I watched the viewscreen as the image of the ships changed. God, I was bored already.

So instead of waiting for something to do, I ran over the roster of those on board. Their records, their risks, what they were known for... And then I recalibrated the phasers. Again. They were at 106% but I kept thinking I could get them just a little higher. God, I had diplomatic missions. So BORING. Like desk work on DS9 only without the hero worship involved in working under Kira. Damnit.

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Saturday, May 15th, 2004
3:35 pm
I kept the ship steady as the Captain sank into her chair, concentrating on something. The bridge went very quiet.

Suddenly my comm badge beeped. "Hey, it's Dusteer, right?"

It was Duram. "Um, no, it's Dusstrar. But Humans often call me Duss."

"Oh, sorry... I'm not human, but Duss works."

I gave her a confused look from across the bridge. "Is there something I can help you with, Lieutenant?"

"Have you ever worked for a Betazoid before?"

I shook my head at her and her shoulders slumped.

"I was hoping you could tell me what to expect."

I frowned and then responded, "The unexpected?"

She squinted and then nodded slowly, closing the comm line.

I took a deep breath and looked back at the screen. I was still picturing her in the outfit she wore to the Captain's dinner. If I ever went back to Utopia Planetia I would have to remember to thank the engineers for these lap-top panels...

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Tuesday, May 11th, 2004
6:48 pm
Weapons were primed, we were in position for defense. And then a few fighter pilots took shots at 2 of the ships. And they blew up. On hit with a phaser blast and nothing else. What in hell...? Which is about how far I got before the death screams hit me and I fell to my knees, holding my head.

It took a full minute for me to recover. Commander Roth had been in command since them but both sides and stood down. Us because it was too easy for us to destroy them. I'm assuming they did because they realized something was wrong. Much as I may have had reservations about David, he was doing a decent job given the situation. Finally, it subsided to the point where all I had was a splitting headache. I could work around them.

"Hail the nearest ship."

"We tried that already Captain, no response."

I frowned, "Do they have communications equipment that can read our message?"

"I... I'm not sure."

"Well check!" They gave me children for a diplomatic mission?!?!

"No, ma'am, they do not have the equipment..."

"We just killed twenty seven people because of fucking miscommunication. Hail the station. Tell them I have an idea."

"Yes, ma'am."

No communications equipment meant two things. No spoken communication or no communication at all. Most space-faring races have some way of communicating. Hell, it was worth a try. Love? Link with me? I need an anchor.

I'm here, imzadi.

And then, I reached. Stretching my mind as far as I could, Strangers, please identify yourself so we might prevent further needless violence.

There was a long moment of silent. I saw the crew looking at me curiously, waiting for orders. But I didn't dare break my concentration before they had a chance to respond. And then...

Hello, creature of this area. We mean you no harm, we were simply looking for signs of intelligent life. We have been looking for many... I couldn't translate the word they used, but I gathered by context that it was a very long time.

"Tell the station that the race does not intend harm. They simply have no spoken speech. They no more understood our hails than command could understand their attempts to reach them."

Ops nodded, the poor woman sitting there looking rather unsure of all this. Human and if I had to guess, she'd never been around so many clearly alien beings before. This was going to be interesting. What were they thinking, doing this to me?

"Station acknowledges. We're now in charge of contact with them." Her words were vaguely awe-filled.

"Damn. We were supposed to be out of here tonight. We're going to be behind schedule unless we push it. And the Klingon's are not the most forgiving people."

"With all due respect, ma'am, this ship is the only one equipped to handle a telepathic race." That was Duram, standing at weapons. I frowned and nodded, sitting back into my seat as I considered what to do next. Why had they made me captain permanently? I would have much preferred to simply be down in science working on the implications of a society without spoken word. Betazed had both, although we rarely spoke where telepathy would work. But the children spoke. To be born telepathic... My mind raced but I had to put a cap on it, forcing myself to concentrate.
Monday, May 10th, 2004
8:20 am
I sat at the desk and spread my fingers wide across the smooth surface. My frightened little ensigns had proven to me that they weren't completely useless: yes they had stayed awake in class and knew Starfleet procedure during a yellow alert situation! Despite that fact they were still frightened little ensigns who run around with wdie eyes and can't take any initiative. Dammit.

So I sat there and started.

When I was at the academy I had the best professor ever. Professor Veejay Nehasa. He was the funniest guy ever. He taught history and anthropology, and every single elective I took at the academy was one of his classes. My favourite class of his was Ancient Earth Healing Practices. That is where I learned the Primal Scream.

Although Professor Nehasa said that Primal Scream therapy was a bunch of "hogwash", and that it had not be proven as a legitimate means of treating anything, he did say it was well worth a try if you were feeling uptight. So he would lead us all through one during exams and other stressful situations.

I spread my fingers wide and stared straight ahead my door.

I breathed in.

And out.


And out.

And after the thrid breath in, I let out a blood-curdling, ear popping, skull splitting scream.

And it sure felt good.

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Friday, April 16th, 2004
10:54 pm
Yellow Alert: All senior officers report to the bridge.

My eyes fluttered open and at first, all I could think was, Glad I'm not a... "Shit." I knew Betazoids were informal about clothing but I managed to get my uniform on anyway. Better that than wandering up naked. When I got there, most of the other officers were in various states of undress. Although I found myself staring at the captain, who was apparently clothed in nothing but a long, red satin robe. Guess she was used to this sort of thing.

As the last few crew members straggled to the bridge looking groggy, I heard her voice say quietly, "Computer, rounds of coffee, evil." Apparently, the computer had some clue what this meant. What I got when I picked up one of the cups was something that smelled like coffee, tasted like espresso and kicked like lighter fluid. Good stuff, would have to remember that one. "Listen up, please. The station is under attack. I hope most of you are used to group tactics as I am not. The assailants have, as yet, been unidentified, the ship type a new model although it seems to resemble a really nasty bastard child of a Romulan War Bird and a Federation ship, older models. Their fire power doesn't match up to ours, but there are a lot of them. Stations and use the restraints built into your seats."

I moved to mine, a little surprised at the set-up which was very different from other ships I'd served on. I hadn't had time to get a good look at it while properly conscious. But the controls were the same and familiar, reassuring. Flight took us out and I just stared at the view screen for a moment. There had to be at least twenty ships out there. The station had 2 actual ships in port and a few dozen fighters. This was going to be ... interesting. I checked the targeting computer, making some last minute adjustments as the Captain started giving orders.
5:58 pm
I sat bolt-upright in bed, then threw my pillow across the room.

"FUCKING HORMONES!" I yelled into the empty space. I really hoped no one could hear me.

I headed to the replicator, got some water, and wiped the sweat from my face. I had been having lots of nightmares since my transfiguration, and Merinn said there was little she could do for me except give me a sedative to sleep more soundly. But I didn't want drugs. I knew it would take a while to get used to this - suddenly having masses of testosterone in my system was making me jumpy, aggressive...

... and horny. That was the weirdest part. Going from a completely sexless entity to a what was in human terms a 16 year old boy in a matter of hours was definitely a big adjustment to be made. I found myself staring at my female crew mates, watching them walk away when they left the room.

Then there was the security officer.

Being posted to a starbase - especially Starbase 112 - during my transformation meant that I was around scientists and politicians all the time. The majority of the women were soft, like Merinn: curvy and just, well, soft. But this Duram was the first woman I'd ever seen with muscles. And they were very nice muscles. The way that black outfit clung to them was still very prominent in my memory.

Get a hold of yourself, Dusstrar!

I took one last gulp of water and headed back to bed. I really hoped I could get some sleep, tomorrow I'd have to meet with my staff.

My hopes were dashed, though, as yellow alert sounded.

Yellow Alert: All senior officers report to the bridge.

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Thursday, April 15th, 2004
6:12 am
After the rather interesting dinner during which I memorized names, unconsciously filed people as security risks and attempted to be social, I went to the holodeck for a workout. "Load program Duram 2." I'd written this one to help me think. Which, thanks to my mother's heritage, meant violence. I was anticipating the doctor getting a chance to look at my medical records. Testosterone levels off the charts and I am very definitely female. No facial hair, no lack of breasts and so on. It always amuses me to try to explain that one to doctors. And Dr Merinn seemed like the type of person who would make interesting facial expressions.

The first level of this particular program is just a warm up. Standard human enemies who follow relatively simple patterns, the AI used to run them an old one from computer games so that they're more used to help me stretch muscles not used outside of combat than anything else. It's theraputic to work through it.

The level after is a little more difficult, similar AI but Vulcan's with their rather surprising strength for their forms. Years of training in physical control always makes this an interesting exercise. As I worked through it, I thought over the roster. The head of Ops was a quiet Vulcan woman who hadn't spoken much and what she'd said was fairly precise. I classed her as a typical Vulcan until proven otherwise. They're so logical and exact. Thankfully, most of them are straightforward enough not to be dangerous in more subtle ways. Just in the obvious ones where they turn the crew against the captain and take over. Not likely but it's happened once or twice.

Then there was Navigation. I'd never met one before. And I have to say, green skin is a little unsettling but once you get used to it, it's really not bad. He seemed distracted at dinner and I noticed him looking at me a bit but he seemed to get involved in something else rather quickly. I would have to look into his file a bit more to work out if he's anything I need to worry about.

The others were pretty standard. To be honest, I think the worst risk is the Captain. She was, to start with, downright informal. A little distanced, as most Captains are, but not in the way the others are. It's not a trained thing, more something she's picked up along the way. As if at some point she realized that getting close to the crew could be dangerous for them. Or maybe something to do with her husband. Most of the details of her last mission are rather classified, especially on how exactly she wound up in command, although her record states rather clearly that it was a reluctant gain. I just wasn't sure how to handle her. Not to mention her telepathy... Did she have to be so obvious about it? Speaking directly into my mind... That was just unnerving.

I worked through my third series of oponents, Klingons with slightly better AI as I thought about her. And I found myself unnecessarily pulverizing them. She just unnerved me. And maybe that, more than anything, was the reason for the distance. I paused, freezing the program so I didn't break anything and considered. If she'd grown up with people, even her own people, reacting to her as I just did... And maybe that explained a lot. I ended the program and headed to Sick Bay to get the scratches taken care of. Not necessary but better not to start a mission with any injuries, it's bad luck. And we were supposed to leave dock tomorrow afternoon, after the last of the outfittings were finished.

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12:19 am
"You're flushed."

He sat heavily on my couch and closed his eyes. "I know."

I ordered water for us from the replicator, feeling that I had eaten far too much of that delicious food. "You feeling ok? Do you want me to scan you?"

Dusstrar shook his head and sat upright to accept the water. "It's just my hormones again, Mer. I can't stand being in a room with a pretty girl. It's just... uh, I don't even know how to describe it."

"It probably doesn't help that your head is swimming with 'Tez's ideas of what's romantic either, hmm?"

He smiled weakly at me. "Well, it works with you doesn't it?"

I laughed. "I guess so... I guess so."

Dusstrar reminded me so much of my brother that I couldn't help but love him. I had been honored when he asked me to help him with his transfiguration, as we'd only been friends for a few months when he decided to become male. I was enjoying watching him blossom in his new body, from both a medical and personal point of view. Since his transformation we'd fallen into a much deeper friendship, and it was as if we'd known each other for years, not months.

He ran his fingers through his hair and took a big gulp of water. I couldn't believe how like Tony he was in his mannerism - except, of course, that Tony had no hair to run fingers through.

"Alright - so who caught your fancy?"

He sat back again, a glint of mischeif in his eyes. "Guess."

I rolled my eyes and searched the faces in my memory. Of course. "The Bajoran!"

He nearly spit out his water. "Was it that obvious?"

"Maybe it was - or maybe I just know you too well, huh?"

He grinned.

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Wednesday, April 14th, 2004
9:58 pm
I found myself telling them about the trip through the Halo... leaving out certain points that were classified... or just scary, like the part where my mental powers went completely haywire and I almost killed Belari by starting a fire in my sleep. I'm not pyrokinetic. Go figure. I guess it must have been boring as Dusstrar was looking bored. So I cut it off and shrugged, "Just trying to give you guys an idea of my command style. I'm far from your typical captain. I've never had command training and I'm, at heart, a scientist who wants to take it apart, not blow it up. I also, to warn you, tend to break regulations whenever I think it appropriate. Feel free to lodge objections but unless you have a better idea, I'll probably ignore it." I shrugged, standing up to help Belari clear away the appetizers, "Other than that, all I know about any of you is what I read from your files. I got a few choices on the crew of this ship, but not many. Otherwise I might have Belari stationed on Betazed watching sheep." That got a laugh but I was rather serious. I really hate putting him in harms way and I don't have a great track record of avoiding it. Afterall, being married to the captain makes you a prime target.

In the kitchen, we listened quietly to them talking, Duram making some joke that got most of them laughing. I have no idea what I'm doing... And this group is like pulling teeth, none of them are relaxed at all.

They'll get there. It's their first night onboard. No friendships, most of them unknown to one another.

I know. I just... Whatever, new tactic. Group therapy session, even if they don't know it. But why don't we make these dishes look a little more fancy first?

He smiled at me and we rearranged the food, leaving them together to talk. After a while, I kicked him out with some of the food and started making dessert. I wasn't really hungry anyway. He may be an amazing cook, but I actually do know what I'm doing in the kitchen. Much to my mother's horror. And it gave me time to make them bond. I missed just being one of the crew. And the new science officer hadn't arrived yet. I always have a hard time letting someone else handle that. I was chief science for twelve years before being kicked into command. I just hoped Merinn was as good a doctor as Shrall... I have a track record of a lot of injuries. Although only two deaths which still has people wondering what I was putting in the food. I just... can't order people to their deaths if there's any other alternative. Shit.

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3:59 am
Having looked in to my new Captain's record, I knew it would be best to just try not to think at all. Which wasn't very difficult, really.

Although I hadn't formed a real opinion of my new Captain, I liked Mr Stadi - Belari - very much. This was important, as a Chief Engineer and Navigation Officer need to work well together. His job was to keep the engines going so that I could steer the ship. My job was to steer the ship away from anything that would hurt his engines. It seemed as symbiotic as a joined Trill, if you asked me. And anyone who could cook like this was tops on my list.

I pulled at the collar of my uniform and looked around the room. Doctor Merinn was wearing her dress uniform, which I wished I'd had the good sense to wear. My dress uniform was the only one I had altered before coming to the Skylark. This old uniform just never fit right after my transfiguration from non-sexed to male, and it was tight in all the wrong places.

The Bajoran security officer looked very nice dressed all in black, but I tried not to look at her too often. My new hormones were still something to contend with, and I didn't want anything, well, anti-social to occur. That was a ditto to the Captain, who was wearing an all too "casual" get-up. It occured to me that in my previous posts I had never spent much time with my commanding officers -- I always seemed to land on the by-the-book, extremely formal (and boring) ships of the fleet. Working under Stadi's command was sure to be... interesting.

Social interaction had not been easy as of late, and this gathering was no exception. I was having a lot of trouble adapting to my new body and the new feelings that came along with it. Luckily, I had had the opportunity to get to know Merinn and her strange partner during my four month posting to Starbase 112, so I stuck by her, wondering where 'Tez was. It was going to take me a while to learn all the new names and get used to being on a ship again, but frankly I hated that station and was more than happy to be exploring again. And it was always good to have friends, even if they were a neurotic half-Bolian and her sauve Kazleti boyfriend.

When we all sat at the table, the Captain launched into a convoluted story about her mission to the Halo region... I listened politely, and enjoyed Belari's excellent dinner as he rang the Betazoid "thanking" gong.

This is going to be an interesting journey indeed...

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Tuesday, April 13th, 2004
11:20 pm
I was trying not to listen to their first impressions of me. Really I was. But some of them just thought so LOUD. I could feel the Security officer underestimating me. Not really a surprise, people tend to do that with me. It's not like I'm the world's most impossing figure. But I just couldn't resist.

See something you like, Lieutenant Duram? I watched her jump and smiled.

Beloved, you have to come out of there sometime. You got promoted, you can't escape these dinners anymore.

I'm cooking. It's almost done.

I nodded slightly to myself, "Please, have a seat, make yourselves comfortable. Dinner should be ready in about ten minutes. Feel free to help yourself to some drinks. The majority of it isn't replicated, I take full advantage of captain's priveleges." I winked, watching them begin to relax a little. They moved around the room, examining it. I was incredibly grateful to have had some hand in outfitting these quarters, rather than getting them mid-voyage. There were comfortable seats of a couple of varieties, including some that would comfortably seat someone with a tail. None of the command crew fell into that at the moment, but you never know. The table was set for a meal that could be just about anything. Which it was, Belari was making dishes that might appeal to anyone and everyone.

Roth was the first one to take a drink and the others followed suit as I found myself smiling, settling into a seat and watching the entrance to the kitchen. Belari had been attempting to hide in there since I dragged his ass (literally) out of engineering. I knew he'd be hearing about it from the engineering crew for weeks. Which is about 90% of why I did it.

I watched the group getting to know one another, for the moment staying out of things. I like to see how people interact. Years of psychology training to make up for my rather obvious (to my species anyway) lack of anything resembling psionic empathy had made it more than a little bit of a habit. Finally, Belari emerged from the kitchen with six dishes. They were just the appetizers. He must have been really nervous. I found myself smiling at him, probably a rather fond smile and then said, "Please, don't be shy. He's an amazing cook and I'm afraid this is only the first course." That broke the ice a little further and people began to relax. Good, maybe I can actually manage with them. If they learn to deal with one another.

Stop shouting, love. And of course they'll learn to work together. Command is sadistic but they never put together crews that can't handle one another.

You want to talk Sadism?


And dinner got off to a start.

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10:54 pm
Bloody hell. Having run down the ship's rosters, I have come to a very simple conclusion. They're out to get us killed. I've only been out of the Acadamy for about 3 years, I'm CHIEF of Security? Granted I wound up in charge of shit a lot but this is a little, tiny promotion. It's insane. And I keep hearing things about this Captain. Stuff like she's not just your average invade-your-brain telepath, she's even stronger. Lovely...

I rumaged through my stuff, trying to find something to wear to dinner that WASN'T a uniform. Hey, look, an all black uniform. That'll do. I can't remember the last time I actually had to wear something else. This whole thing is completely insane. I met my second earlier today. He seems nice enough, but he has even less experience than I do. Which bodes poorly for this particular ship. Not to mention that the Captain has NEVER been through command training. She's a scientist and ... oh, god, a SHRINK. Like we need more than two. And she insisted on more than one on the crew. Something about how on her last mission there were a lot more problems with mental stability than she and the other shrink could handle.

Must. Take. Deep. Breath. Ah, that's better. Luckily, I'd had time before this dinner to realign the phaser bays so that they're running at 105% rather than 100%. The guys down there gave me a funny look. I don't exactly look old enough to be their commanding officer. I think the most experienced guys onboard are the enlisted men. Reassuring.

Shit, I was running late. I really hope she's not a stickler for protocol or I was gonna be in her bad graces on the first day. Never a good sign. I threw myself in the shower and pulled on the not-quite uniform and headed out. Of course, I had managed to forget that I live in command quarters now. Her door was only three away from mine. Making me ten instead of fifteen minutes late. I rang the chime and was happy to discover I wasn't the last one there. The chief engineer was late. And then I remembered the roster. Being married to the captain lets you get away with that stuff. Damn.

And then I saw her. She's small. I mean, really small. She's maybe 5'2", looks like a good stiff wind could blow her over and she was dressed in what looked like an extremely comfortable (and not particularly formal, it didn't cover near enough for propriety) green dress. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. She looked harmless...

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4:47 pm
"They filled my sickbay with frightened little ensigns!"

'Tez and I were unpacking as I complained. "I mean, how'm I supposed to take care of them? I'm not much good myself as it is... my first deep space assignment and they fill my sickbay with... where does this go?"

He grabbed the pot from me and frowned. "You're gonna be late for the Captain's dinner, babe."

I frowned back, "Maybe I don't wanna go."

He grumbled in Kazleti and rolled his eyes at me. "Fine - stay here! I don't care, I'm not the one who's going to have to explain to her why you weren't there."

"Well where are you going?!"

"To Ten Forward, silly. Have you seen the decor in there? Hideous! If I'm taking over the bar it has got to have at least one colour on the walls..."

I sighed and tried to shake off my bad mood. "Alright... where's my dress uniform? Maybe she can tell me why only one of my staff members seems to be older than 18!!!"

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5:22 am
Stepping onto the new ship... my new ship, I felt a shiver run through me. Only half the crew was aboard, the ship having been outfitted with a largely new crew. I could feel them moving about their lives, working at their duties, the voices a quiet hum in the back of my mind. I could shut it out but it seemed less terrifying taking over a new crew with the there. Beside me, Belari squeezed my hand gently as we found our way to the bridge. I needed his support so badly and it was hard to let him go so I could go onto the bridge. But he needed to check into engineering and I needed to take command.

The officers on the bridge were made up of various shifts and I recognized most of them from the images in their files but it was still a little unnerving. I spoke to the ranking officer on board, my first officer. He was human and seemed friendly enough but already I found myself missing Cirn. He'd been assigned to further officer training after we'd gotten back from the Halo region. He read off the standard orders to the computer handing over control to me and I took control. I glanced at the bridge, noticing with satisfaction that it had been reoutfitted with restraints as I'd requested. None of the officers were using them but at least they were there.

Relax, beloved. You'll do fine. Remember to smile, I can feel your XO's worry from here. Belari's voice in my mind was a quiet comfort and I smiled to myself, settling in and nodding to the human whose name was escaping me. He's Lieutenant Commander David Roth. Which you'd know if you stopped trying so hard.

I nodded slightly to myself, remembering his file. This was his first posting as XO, he'd been flight and navigation before that. He had a pretty good record, not too many transgressions. And he was fairly mentally sound. The only possible issue was that he had never served with a Betazoid before, let alone served under one. It's not like there are a ton of us in Starfleet afterall.

"I'm glad to meet you, Commander. I've heard good things about you."

There, much better.

Mentally rolling my eyes, I sent back Don't start with me, darling. Or once we've settled in, I'll find a way to have you fixing replicators again. I don't care if you have been promoted again.

Ah, the joys of being married to the captain.

I must have gotten a slightly distant look in my eyes as David stammered while trying to answer me, "A p-pleasure to meet you as well, Captain. I've heard incredible things about you. Were you really career science before the Stargazer?"

"Yeah, had no intention of going command either... But I guess someone had other ideas. Command suits me and it makes my mother oh-so-happy." I rolled my eyes at that, smiling slightly, "Just to warn you, she'll probably call within the next week. Don't try to tell her I'm doing something else, no matter what it is. Just let me know she's on the line."

"... Ok..."

"Trust me, otherwise she'll make your life hell. And unless you have other plans, dinner tonight in my quarters. I was planning on having the entire command staff. Something of a tradition from my last ship and I think it's good for community." After that, we set to work at the boring business of setting up a ship to new command in dock. How boring. But I was happy to find that most of it was exactly the same as the Stargazer. I'm not sure what I would have done if they'd put me on a Galaxy class. I know how to handle an Intrepid but even the thought of anything more complicated made my head spin.

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