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uss_skylark's Journal

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Welcome to the USS Skylark, an Intrepid class ship in the Beta Quadrant. We're working to learn more about Klingon culture and explore the area around their Empire. If you'd like to join us, please contact the moderator by emailing mortis@darksites.com.

Current Crew:

Rank and Name - lj username - gender and race - position
Captain Marena Stadi - capt_m_stadi - female Betazoid - Captain
Lieutenant Commander Merinn - merinn - female Bolian/Human - Ship's Doctor
Lieutenant Duram Marguerite - duram_m - female Bajoran/Human - Chief Security Officer
Lieutenant Belari Stadi - belari_stadi - male Betazoid - Chief Engineer
Lieutenant Dusstrar - dusstrar - male Mettilite - Navigation Officer


name - lj username - race and gender - position
Oresetz - orestez - male Kazleti - bartender

And now, the rules (BLECH!)

1. Post In Character: Please post as your character from that point of view. Most posts should be from a first-person perspective (although occassionally another perspective will make sense) and in the past tense. You can include any other characters in your post, but if you are posting as Marena, you cannot post from the point of view of Merinn and so on.

2. Post Order: You can post as often as you like (and are encouraged to do so). However, please allow at least one other character to post before you post again.

3. Continuity: Things have to at least make some sense. If one player says they are bleeding to death in the middle of the bridge, the next character cannot post about how they are having tea with that person during the time in which they are bleeding to death (unless you're twisted and giving them tea while they bleed to death). You get the idea.

4. Common Sense: This rule means basically, things have to make sense. You can't suddenly become a telepath unless there is some reason for this to happen. It doesn't have to be immediately apparent, but there has to be a reason.

5. No Character Death: What this means is that you can't kill someone else's character. You can kill your own, but please let the mod know first.

6. Comments Are OOC: All comments are considered out of character. This is a place to either let someone know you'd like something changed, have a discussion of how you'd like things to go or otherwise communicate with the PLAYER. Please don't use these for IC conversations.